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The Institute for Supply Management - Connecticut, Inc. (ISM-CT) was founded March 21, 1918, at a period when Purchasing was just beginning to be recognized as an important specialized function in industry. ISM-CT promised to promote more efficient purchasing methods to meet the learning needs of the profession, and to promote friendly relations and interchange of ideas among procurement professionals. Today, ISM-CT continues with it’s original intent and increased it’s value to its membership by offering top of the It has been affiliated with the Institute for Supply ManagementTM (ISM) since its inception. ISM-CT is one of 150 associations affiliated with ISM.  ISM-CT has undergone three name changes over the years; most recently changing its name from the Connecticut Association of Purchasing Management to its current name.

Just as its name implies, ISM-CT encompasses the entire state of Connecticut. At the present time, there are nearly 400 individual members, representing approximately 230 Connecticut companies.