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When you join; you are investing in yourself. The Institute for Supply Management, Connecticut (ISM-CT) is comprised of a strategic network of more than 400 supply management professionals throughout the State of Connecticut representing approximately 200 organizations. Established in 1918, ISM-CT has been helping business professionals get the most out of their careers, and we can help you too.  Our new Mentorship program willl help you connect to other procurement professionals.  Check it out!

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Membership is open to anyone directly interested in the supply management field and they shall be eligible to be a Regular Member of both ISMTM and ISM-CT  or an Associate member of ISM-CT only provided that such person does not solicit business on behalf of such person or his or her employer during meetings of any ISM/ISM-CT activity, including without limitation, meetings of Affiliated Associations (including chapters), ISM Committees and ISM Groups and Forums (as defined in ISM Policy).