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ISM-CT Seminar "Category Management as a Lever for Business Success"

April 10, 2019
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Hubbell Electric Heaters, Inc

Stratford, CT

Category Management as a Lever for Business Success

Procurement is a function that is uniquely positioned to deliver bottom and top line impact – far faster than many realize.  A key enabler of this capability is in-depth knowledge and awareness of the fundamentals of what the business/organization needs from the marketplace to serve its customers.  “Category Management” is the passport to unlocking these insights.

This interactive and fast-paced workshop will feature some of the most relevant “tools” for obtaining insights about your key spend categories.  Whether Direct (product-centric) or “Indirect” (product/service support), we will explore new ways of thinking about:

  • Strategic vs. Tactical Sourcing … which am I trying to do?
  • How your category fits in the big picture of how Buyers and Sellers interact with it and each other;
  • The market forces that impact your category and how this affects how Buyers and Sellers react;
  • The implications of Buyer behavior and the choices they make over time; and
  • How do Suppliers view you as a Customer? And why should I care?

Category insights are wonderful when developed by Procurement but come alive when shared with Stakeholders.  We will learn a way to “map” your Stakeholders so that interactions with them are efficient and productive.

The workshop will conclude with a model of how to segment and develop Business Requirements and how to integrate the insights gathered along the journey of strategic sourcing into a Category Strategy.

As a bonus for ISM, Ron will include two (2) additional topics: (1) discussion of his Virtual RFI® model – a modern, efficient means to harvest useful market and supplier insights about key trends and what it takes to be classified as a “best customer”, and (2) a framework for identifying and dealing with Risk.

Warning: This seminar focuses on some of the essential strategic sourcing tools – there are others that may be more or less relevant and critical to your spend areas depending on your environment and situation. We will brainstorm these additional considerations and set the stage for follow-on workshops.

About Ron Guertin –

Ron has coached and trained hundreds of global procurement practitioners, leaders, stakeholders and cross-functional team members in the art and science of Strategic Sourcing – making it come alive and helping them create and implement category strategies.  Working in-depth across multiple business sectors including global pharma and medical products, financial services, textiles, automotive, farm equipment, material science, crop science, high tech and oil & gas, he has helped clients achieve sustainable, often breakthrough results in a myriad of direct and indirect spend areas. 

Ron holds an MBA from Northeastern University (Boston) and a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Kettering University (Flint), formerly General Motors Institute. He is a Qualified Myers-Briggs practitioner and a Certified Executive Coach.

Ron is currently Managing Partner of Catchlight Coaching, LLC.


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